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I envision and design future hardware and software products for the present

LifeSwitch: Updatable IoT Home Panel
Inventing New Products from Existing Technologies
Observing Japan's unique relationship with home control panels and utilizing Panasonic's newly developed battery-less IoT button, we invented a battery-less button array for home IoT control. Project emphasis was on understanding user scenarios where possessing a location pertinent smart button could be used to relieve a user painpoint.
Product Management, Product & Experience Design [UX, UI, ID, Video]
TILT: A Switch Made for Smart Lighting
Inventing New Products to Improve User Experience
The advent of of smart lighting brought an entirely new vector of user value to home lighting, but as a buy product, forced interactions with a mobile application which became an inconvenience. I aimed to create a solution that like modern light switches, incorporated tactility and ingrained interactions, but allowed for more sophisticated control over the lighting.
Product Management, Project Managment, Product & Experience Design [UX, UI, ID, Video]
Agile Hardware Product Discovery Process
Creating Discovery Process to Build Products Centered Around People
The words "agile" and "hardware" are often not seen in the same sentence, but it is exactly what we set out to make possible. The purpose of this 4-6 week process is to produce user verified product concepts starting from a defined user painpoint. This process relies on constantly engaging with users to test hypotheses, inform decisions, and drive product innovation.
Product Management, Design Strategy, Product & Experience Design [UX, UI, ID, Video]
BloomSky Mobile App Redesign
Complete Overhaul of Bloomsky's Consumer Facing App
Bloomsky, a new startup in 2014 had just released a IOT weather station that had never been seen before on the market. This enabled us to build an app that could leverage the weather station network give people visibility of weather like never before. Design team was tasked to redesign an underperforming app to fully realize Bloomsky's value proposition to users.
User Experience Design, User Interface Design
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