Senior Experience Designer / Product Manager @ Panasonic Beta
April 2018- March 2020
• Conceive and develop product (hardware emphasis) and business concepts incorporating company relationships, technologies, and business goals. (inc. B2B, B2C, hardware, AI applications, mobile, services).

• Self-start a multitude of projects as a result of proactively identifying challenges/opportunities and work across a multi-disciplinary team to generate and execute solutions.

• Own product vision and drive agenda to collaborate with engineers to produce functional hardware prototypes for user testing and Proof of Concept (POC) for technological feasibility.

• Defined epics and user stories for hardware prototypes for the purpose of user testing and product pitches.  Maintained, groomed, and communicated backlog to engineers to ensure accurate and timely delivery of output.

• Responsible for all design related tasks for the building of prototypes which included but not limited to mobile applications, physical prototypes and video.

• Lead and develop an innovation process framework that emphasizes user engagement for hardware product experiences.

• Plan and carry out inter-company workshops and collaborations.

• Produce several patented and patent-able product inventions.
Experience Designer @ Panasonic Silicon Valley Labs
May 2016 - April 2018
•  Envision how people would interact with a wide variety of breakthrough technologies including finding applications for computer vision/deeplearning technologies

•  Uncover, identify, and visualize how people would interact with technology driven experiences in relation to emerging trends

•  Design world-class product experiences that blend the digital and the physical

•  Use findings from research and empathetic visualization in order to inform design decisions to enhance usability, delight and meaning in a multitude of existing products and services

•  Operate with a high degree of autonomy when necessary, balancing multiple needs functions depending on the needs of the team and project
User Experience Designer @ Bloomsky
September 2014 - May 2016
User Experience & Customer Satisfaction
• Managed, led, and executed upon a series of projects ranging from optimizing customer support, B2B product development, and feature additions to existing web products.

• Performed a series of data analytics to identify customer pain points, then strategized, planned, and carried out design solutions. 

Mobile and Web Application Design
• Dictated product MVP and design for the first official app release for BloomSky by analyzing market trends and using empathetic design thinking.

• Produced information architecture, storyboards, personas, user needs/wants, wireframes, high fidelity prototypes, user-flow specifications, and graphic interface specifications to engineers for mobile and web development.

• Crafted user experiences/ feature sets and performed user testing for feedback to ensure customers needs were met while retaining a seamless user flow through the application without creating new painpoints.

Marketing & Communication Design
• Produced digital and print assets utilized in marketing events and online ad campaigns.

• Dictated/participated in creating strategies in marketing and data network infrastructure building campaigns.
UI/UX Design Intern @ Arbibo
July 2014 - September 2014
• Lead the development and creation of wireframes, honed and optimized user experience, and created polished visual designs to be used for user testing and focus groups.

• Generated and aided software developers in the implementation of new features, designs, and concepts for Android based mobile applications.

• Aided brand development and lead logo development of Android based mobile app.
Industrial Design Intern @ Wagic
June 2012 - August 2012
• Participated in brainstorming and sketch sessions for patentable mechanisms

• Worked with clients to refine product ideas and provided sketches and CAD models to solidify their designs

• With the use of Adobe Photoshop, Created photo-realistic renders of products and packaging to be viewed by potential vendor

• Finished and treated 3D prints to be displayed at a trade show to represent a product that would be sold in hardware stores
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